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M. Lhuillier Group banks on beauty services with ML Calayan

July 12, 2017 by ML Calayan0


M. Lhuillier Group of Companies recently dove into the beauty industry with the launching of ML Calayan Skincare and Aesthetic Center Cebu in partnership with the Calayan Medical Group (CMG).

ML Calayan offers beauty and wellness services such as skincare, medical spa, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

“When we started in Oakridge, the perception of the product was really pricey, so I told my partner to cater more aspiring and affordable beauty services,” said Michel Lhuillier.

ML Calayan’s aim is to make people happier and more confident about themselves through the affordable beauty and wellness services they offer. Lhuillier also aims on branching out to other areas outside Cebu.

“If you are successful in Cebu, then it should be easier to expand in other places,” He added.

“If ML Kwarta Padala has over 2,000 branches, I’m also hoping that ML Calayan will have 2,000 more branches too. We want to expand and upgrade our equipment to give the best to our customers,” said Lalen Calayan, Business Development Manager of CMG.

ML Calayan also plans to establish beauty clinics to cater to the mainstream market through the Selina Castle of Beauty and Wellness named after CMG’s Aesthetics Department Head Selina Sevilla.

“I want to touch people in far-flung areas. It’s part of our mission and vision to be close to the provinces and help them look good for their work since most of them only have enough money to travel to the city,” said Sevilla.

“My brother and I started with three pawn shops while my sister also had three, and now we have 2,200 pawnshops at present and every year we gain 200 more, so if we can make it with the pawnshops, why can’t we make it with the beautification?” Lhuillier stated.


Courtesy: Caryll Arcayan – Cebu Daily News Inquirer

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