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Lhuilliers form partnership with Calayans

July 12, 2017 by ML Calayan0


The Lhuillier Group has formalized its entry into the lucrative beauty business by forging a partnership with the owners of the Calayan Medical Group Inc. The Lhuillier couple, Michel and Amparito, and Lalen Calayan and Selena Sevilla unveiled ML Calayan Skincare and Aesthetics Center in their desire to consistently grow in Cebu and capture a share of Cebu’s rising beauty market.

According to Calayan, the company’s chief operating officer and business development head, forging a partnership with the Lhuilliers is a good business move, citing the family’s strong presence in Cebu well represented by their businesses in various industries. The Calayan facility at Oakridge Business Park in Mandaue City is now renamed to ML Calayan Skincare and Aesthetics Center.

The synergy, according to Michel Lhuillier, will improve the services offered in the clinic as well as facilitate expansion programs in the near term. Lhuillier said they wanted to be part of this booming sector and help Cebu get its share of the global medical tourism market. In the local front, the partnership also aims to build more branches that would cater to the mainstream market, carrying a separate brand. “The purpose of the partnership is to branch out later on to other places if we become successful in Cebu,” said Lhuillier. “If we can make it in the pawnshop (business), why can’t we make it in the beauty business?”

Lhuillier owns at least 2,000 branches of MLhuillier Financial Services nationwide. The family is also engaged in several other businesses. The Calayans, on the other hand, are prominent names in the cosmetic surgery industry in the Philippines.

In April this year, the group will launch Selena Castle of Beauty and Wellness in Parkmall. This brand will cater to the mainstream market with beauty and wellness services and packages at affordable rates.

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